Hello! I am Dr. Eva C. Haldane.  I am passionate about mental health, particularly in people of color, maternal health, advocacy,  and cats. 


I graduated from Columbia University with an MSW and a Ph.D.  I love speaking to groups about mental health in general as well as my personal journey. 


Soon I will start having conversations with the community about maternal mortality and the ways we can help mothers.


I write. I speak. I teach. I listen.


I hope that by sharing my mental health story, I can help people in similar situations.  I hope by talking to communities of color about health, mental health and therapy I can encourage people to help themselves and their loved ones. 

Currently, I adjunct at Columbia University School of Social Work.  I have taught research methods, advanced research methods and human behavior and the social environment.

Next up, I'm tackling maternal health.  Stay tuned for what's next.