Academic publications

Soawar, K., Thurber, D., Vanderploeg, J., and Haldane, E. (2018). Psychiatric Community Crisis Service for Youth. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics, 27(3), 479.490

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Jethwani-Keyser, M., Mincy, R., and Haldane, E.C. (2013). We're Graduating, What's Next?: Relational Contribution to the Educational Attainment of Black Bermudian Adolescent Boys. Journal of Black Psychology, 39(5), 455-485.

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Haldane, E.C., Mincy, R.B., and Miller, D. (2010). Racial Disparities in Men's Health and the Transition to Marriage among Unmarried Fathers. Journal of Family Issues, 31(9), 1182-1210.

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